Please Watch the Trailer for This Game About Being a Famous Dog Photographer

A screenshot from the Pupperazzi game trailer.
Sundae Month

Pupperazzi is a game about photographing dogs. That’s it, that’s the game. There are lots of different ways you can get the picture, like dressing the dogs up in outfits and working the scene to get the perfect angle — but at its core, Pupparazzi is a chill game that lets you hang out with very good dogs and take their photo.

The game was announced in August but a new trailer was just released that shows off more of the dog photography in action — and we now know Pupparazzi is releasing on January 20, 2022 on Steam and Xbox Game Pass. From the trailers, it looks like you’ll be wandering through a city full of dogs, and you can stop to take a photo at any time, anywhere. Let’s be real: your phone’s photo collection is probably full of the dogs you meet in the real world, so this game will come naturally to you.

The trailer also gives us a sneak peek at how you’ll get jobs, with one screen showing a dog dressed in a raincoat (!!!) asking you to take their photo, and another showing freelance jobs coming in from a grumpy cat and a firefighter’s dalmatian. We also see the player throwing a frisbee at the park, pushing dogs in a swing set and snapping a photo of a skateboarding bulldog. Oh, and you can even take a dog to the moon and take its photo there. As for outfits, you can dress the dogs in hats, glasses, fancy collars and even shoes — including little gumboots to keep their feet dry in the rain.

The game is being developed by indie studio Sundae Month, who promise it features “Lots ‘n lots of dogs”, “Dogs with clothes. Hats! Shoes! Jackets!”, “Music that will definitely get stuck in your head, I’m humming the main theme right now” and “Togetherness and promises of fulfillment”. But maybe the best feature of all is that when you pat the dogs, little love hearts appear above them!

Pupperazzi is available to wishlist on Steam here, and will be coming to Game Pass next month. We can’t wait! And yes, you can pat the dog.

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