5 of the Best Makeup Brush Cleaners to Cleanse Your Beauty Tools

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Cleaning your makeup tools is a boring but important chore we all must complete regularly. Many dermatologists advise that brushes and sponges should be cleaned once a week to keep them free of germs, dirt and oil. While this might feel like a lot, it’s the best practice to keep from spreading bacteria and the like across your face repeatedly.

In order to thoroughly clean your makeup brushes, you need to use an effective cleanser. This might be a shampoo-like product, a spray that you can use when you’re on the go or a silicone textured mat that can help disrupt the makeup built up in the brush. If you’re simply using a liquid cleansing product, the easiest way to clean your brush is to squirt a bit of the cleanser into your palm, wet the brush and move it around in your palm until clean.

When you’re done, rinse the brush and squeeze out the residual moisture from the bristles, then form the brush head into its original shape and lay on a towel to dry. It’s recommended that you prop your makeup brushes up a little, with bristles at the bottom while drying to prevent any excess water from damaging the bristles.

If you’re after a new makeup brush and sponge cleanser, look no further than these five cleaners, which all cater to different needs. Happy brush washing!

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