Are MAFS’ Janelle and Jesse Dating? We Did Some Digging

mafs janelle jesse dating

The rumour mill has been buzzing with speculation about a potential love connection between “MAFS” stars Jesse Burford and Janelle Han. It first seemed like things were getting steamy when Jesse shared an Instagram photo of the duo holding hands at the Falls Festival in Perth on New Year’s Eve. It led to the question: Are Janelle and Jesse *actually* dating?

But hold your horses, folks! While the pictures may suggest that the pair are an item, Janelle and Jesse are still just friends.

A source close to the pair told Yahoo Lifestyle that there’s no romance brewing between them. In fact, their connection was simply a result of a “brief flirtation” that happened five months ago when the snapshot was taken. They became close after the show ended, thanks to the unfortunate circumstances of both their partners cheating. Do you all remember when Claire, Jesse’s ‘wife’, kissed Adam, Janelle’s ‘husband’ and lied about it? Talk about drama!

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mafs janelle jesse dating

But that’s where the story ends, friends.

Janelle has long since moved to Sydney, and their encounters have been limited to hanging out with a group of friends. Jesse even took to his Instagram story to set the record straight, hilariously quipping, “No, I’m not dating Janelle, Lyndall, or Bronte. But that doesn’t mean they’re not dating me.”

During Yahoo’s “MAFS” Reunion, Janelle spilled the beans on their connection, revealing that they indeed shared a peck. However, they both decided not to pursue anything further due to the geographical distance between them. So, they’re keeping things in the friend zone for now.

Janelle explained, “We did have a bit of a trauma bond, and he might hate me, but we have shared a peck. Just an innocent little peck. That’s it.” She also shared that they developed a deeper understanding of each other post-show, appreciating the emotional intelligence and qualities they saw in one another.

So, there you have it. That’s all, folks!

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