Australian Survivor: Jordie Hansen Explains Why Josh Is a Bigger Threat Than Mark

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Chatting to POPSUGAR Australia following his elimination from Australian Survivor: Blood Vs Water, Jordie Hansen had no regrets about the game he’d played.

After weeks of trying to convince his tribemates that Mark Wales did, in fact, have a second Hidden Immunity Idol that his wife, Sam Gash, had stolen from Jordie’s brother Jesse Hansen, Jordie was finally vindicated last night when Mark played the Idol.

“It was a lovely feeling!” Jordie exclaimed with a laugh. “And it was nice to be in the game for that moment, especially—ESPECIALLY!—because he didn’t have to play it!”

He laughed again. “He wasted it!”

When we spoke to Jordan Schmidt after his elimination, he explained that the reason so many members of the tribe didn’t believe Jordie’s story about the second Hidden Immunity Idol was because Jordie had actually told the tribe that Jesse had been eliminated with the Idol in his possession, before turning around and telling them that actually, Sam had it.

We asked Jordie what the deal was.

“So what happened was, you saw the conversation I had with Sam and Mark where they sat me down and said ‘look, we wanna work with you, we’re happy to use that idol for you, just keep it quiet’,” Jordie explained.

Jordie said that after he and Jesse had tried to blindside Josh Millgate and Jordan Schmidt, he “couldn’t go back” to them that night, so Jordie’s initial reaction was to “maybe try to stay with Mark and Sammy”.

The next day, however, he realised “they were gonna vote for [him] anyway”, so he figured he didn’t have much left to lose.

“I was running out of options, I had no options!” Jordie said, “so I thought ‘ah well, that’s done too, I’ll blow this joint up’”.

Calling it “all part of the game”, Jordie said that he doesn’t regret any of his moves, because “you can only act with the information you have at the time”.

As for whether anyone can beat Mark at this point, Jordie said that actually, Josh is a bigger threat in the game than Mark, because Josh “has built stronger relationships”.

“Josh has played a very similar game to Mark in that it’s generally been pretty safe,” he explained, conceding that “they’ve all played big moves” but that their moves weren’t as “exciting” as Jordie’s.

“But I was put in a separate position,” Jordie said. “I had to battle from the bottom, they were battling from the top.”

“If it comes to a final pitch between them, Josh is gonna win,” Jordie said.

One example of the strong relationships Josh has within the game was seen in Jordie’s final Immunity Challenge, in which Chrissy Zaremba gave up trying to complete a puzzle in order to help Josh win Individual Immunity.

“They were all helping each other!” Jordie exclaimed, calling it “ridiculous” and saying that it “happened multiple times throughout the game, too”.

“Things that often aren’t shown, but basically, they were all helping each other except me!” he said, laughing. “But yeah, Josh and Chrissy were tight as, so that was something that was really dangerous. They came in a pair.”

Playing the majority of his individual game from the bottom of the pack, Jordie said that he “actually found it much more enjoyable” to “buckle up” and “have a go, have a dig” and see what moves he could pull off while he was still in the game.

“I had so much more fun and felt better about myself, because you’re rockin’ up each day, you’re waking up each day at camp, NO ONE wants you to be there but you’re still there, and I found that hilarious,” he laughed. “There was a lot of stuff that didn’t work out for me, but I did it! I managed to send a lot of people home from the bottom, and that was really fun.”

One of the big wins Jordie had along the way was winning a car in the Reward Challenge, which Jordie described as “absolutely lifechanging“.

“You have no idea!” he said. “For people like me and Jesse, it’s not like ‘oh, cool, got a new car’.

“No, this is… it’s so incredible I can’t even begin to explain how grateful we are for that,” he continued. “We’ve been battling, and we still are battling and we probably always will be, but this is just one less worry that we have to think about.”

As for whether we’ll see the Joker back on our screens in the future, Jordie said that if he gets the call, he’ll be there in a heartbeat.

“I’ll be the first one out there, I promise! I promise!” he said.

Australian Survivor airs at 7.30pm, Sundays and Mondays, only on 10 and 10 Play on Demand.

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