How Isaac From “The Summit” Is Planning on Spending His Prize Money

isaac the summit
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Isaac is undoubtedly on cloud nine after his victory in “The Summitfinale. Not only did he conquer the mountain alongside his Lulu and Brooke, but he also walked away with a life-changing cash prize of $250,000 — courtesy of the evicted trekkers’ decision.

The disbelief and sheer happiness on his face was contagious when he opened his bag to the generous prize on Sunday. Overwhelmed by the unexpected generosity of his teammates, Isaac’s tears transformed into laughter as he leapt into Jai’s arms, celebrating his incredible fortune.

Speaking with POPSUGAR Australia, Isaac shared his exhilaration over the win and shed light on his plans for the generous sum.

In true post-celebration fashion, Isaac admitted with a chuckle, “I am… not gonna lie, I am violently hungover. We had a wild watch party with half the cast in Melbourne last night, so everyone’s a bit ‘how ya goin’ this morning! Don’t even ask what time we stumbled home because I have no clue!”

“I think we ended up at the casino? I have a pic of us at KFC at some stage last night, and I woke up in my own room, so I can’t really complain!”

How Isaac Plans on Spending His $250,000 Prize Money

isaac the summit
Channel 9

While the “money isn’t in the account just yet,” Isaac has some exciting plans in store. In addition to helping his mother with home renovations, he expressed a strong desire to travel.

“Oh look, I think I’d like to do a little bit of exploring around Australia, in particular. I obviously want to go overseas and experience other cultures and all that, but I think I’d like to explore more of the country we live in, as well,” he said.

“I’d like to do a bit of that, and at the risk of sounding boring, I’ll probably invest a good chunk of it so I can try to set myself up for a lot longer in life.”

But of course, Isaac won’t let his responsible side win completely. With a laugh, he added, “But hey, I’m definitely gonna have some fun with a little bit of it!”

Isaac’s Thoughts on How the Prize Money Was Divided

In the finale, the Trekkers split the prize money so that Lulu received $90,000 and Brooke was given $150,000 – meaning Isaac was awarded the most out of everyone, with $250,000. Taking home the lion’s share of the prize money, Isaac shared his thoughts on how the funds were divided.

“When I went in, I can’t remember if they put it in the edit or not, but I remember looking at them and saying to the guys ‘Look, I think I deserve at least a third of that money. I don’t care how you split it, but I deserve a third of that, I feel like I’ve earned that’. And some people [the evicted Trekkers] felt that I deserved more, so they gave me more!” he said.

“They thought I was a nice person, they liked the way I played the game… Obviously, some people were closer to me than others, they probably would’ve been pushing for more, but yeah look. I’m not gonna say that I’m upset! I was like ‘holyyyyy s**!'”

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