“MAFS” 2024 Recap: Psychic Bride Madeleine Gets Bad Juju Vibes From New Hubby


Ready for some fresh drama? Well, you’re in for a treat ’cause it’s intruder wedding time! Just when we were starting to remember the names of our new “MAFS” couples, two new faces crash the party.

First up, we’ve got Michael making a comeback. Remember him from the Hens’ night? He’s the guy whose match bailed on him right before the wedding. But fear not, Michael’s back with a match who actually says “I do”.

Then there’s Madeleine and her new hubby Ash, who are total strangers. Madeleine’s a psychic medium, and she’s getting some interesting insights about Ash even before meeting him. But you know how it goes with “MAFS” – expect the unexpected. Lets unpack this “MAFS” recap.

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Madeleine and Ash’s Wedding

Okay, picture this: Madeleine, the psychic bride, getting ready for her “MAFS” wedding like she’s prepping for a séance. She’s all in the zone, receiving some sort of “psychic download” about her soon-to-be hubby, Ash. Apparently, her spirit guides are vouching for him, saying he’s the grounded, down-to-earth type she needs.

Then there’s Ash, a 33-year-old dude from Victoria who’s basically the poster child for family values. He’s been through some tough stuff but still wears his heart on his sleeve. Family’s everything to him, and he’s hoping for a wife who’s on the same wavelength.


When Madeleine struts down the aisle, Ash’s jaw practically hits the floor – he’s smitten. But Madeleine wastes no time in laying out her quirks, saying “I love you” to him and calling herself “strange” and “weird”.

Madeleine starts feeling some weird vibes after her psychic download sends off alarm bells about Ash. Cue the uncertainty and awkwardness.

“…Really Bad Vibes”


“I’m getting really bad vibes,” she tells producers. “I feel like it’s shifted because I got a download about where it was going. They were showing me something… just information that is helpful for me to know.”

Just when things are feeling tense, Ash drops a bombshell – he’s seen a ghost at an Airbnb.

Suddenly, Madeleine’s skepticism starts to melt away as she realises Ash might just be her spiritual counterpart. Who knew a shared ghost story could bring two people closer together? Looks like these two might just have a shot at making it work in this crazy “MAFS” world.

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Michael and Stephen’s Wedding


Now, let’s talk about Michael. He was all set to be one half of an original “MAFS” couple, but as luck would have it, his match decided to bail last minute. Heartbreak city, right? But fear not, because John and the experts weren’t about to let Michael’s “MAFS” journey end before it even began. So, they put their heads together, did some serious soul-searching, and finally found him a new match.

Finally, the moment arrives, and Michael is standing there, heart pounding, as his new match is revealed: Stephen, a charming hairdresser with a story to tell. See, Stephen’s got some scars from a childhood accident that left a lasting mark. He’s been flying solo for five years, struggling to find someone who’s ready to settle down.

Could It Be… Love at First Sight?

From the get-go, there’s a spark between Michael and Stephen that you just can’t ignore. They’re bantering and flirting like they’ve known each other for years, and it’s got everyone – family, friends, even the camera crew – totally captivated.


Michael’s friends accidentally cause a stir after telling his new hubby that Michael’s got a couple of ‘baby mamas’. Cue the shock and awe from Stephen, who wastes no time in getting to the bottom of it. Thankfully, Michael sets the record straight, and before you know it, Stephen and his siblings are all onboard the Michael train. Turns out, Michael was a donor for his two friends, who are a same-sex couple, to help them start a family. Could this guy be any more perfect? We’re starting to think not!

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“MAFS” airs Sunday at 7.00pm and Monday  Wednesday at 7.30pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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