Telepathic Twins Radha and Prabha Spice Up “My Kitchen Rules”

Radha and Prabha my kitchen rules
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Meet Radha and Prabha, inseparable identical twins who believe they hold the secret recipe to win the competition: their telepathic powers. These sisters are convinced that their unique ability to read each other’s minds will give them the edge they need to claim the title of “My Kitchen Rules” champions.

Raised by a single mother after their father passed away when they were just two years old, cooking became a way for Radha and Prabha to feel connected to their strong and caring mother while keeping their father’s memories alive. Beyond their culinary prowess, the twins are deeply passionate about helping others. Prabha works in cancer research, while Radha is currently on the path to becoming a lawyer.

What Radha and Prabha Bring to “My Kitchen Rules”

With their telepathic link, Radha and Prabha introduce a level of communication and understanding that goes beyond words. This extraordinary connection allows them to anticipate each other’s thoughts and actions, giving them a special advantage in the high-pressure world of competitive cooking.

Their telepathic connection aside, Prabha was born two minutes before Radha, and takes her role as the bossy older twin very seriously. The dynamic duo have tons of fun together, even though they often find themselves in spirited arguments with one another. In fact, they often realise mid-fight that they’re trying to make the same point!

Fun Facts About Radha and Prabha

  • Their shared dream is to open a small café.
  • Prabha hopes to achieve a culinary experience all over Australia.
  • Radha is currently training to be a lawyer.
  • Prabha works in cancer research.

“My Kitchen Rules” airs Mondays — Wednesdays at 7.30pm on Channel 7 and 7plus.

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