“Real Housewives of Sydney” Season 1 Cast — Where Are They Now?

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The long-awaited return of “The Real Housewives of Sydney” Season 2 is finally here, promising an exhilarating journey through the lives of some of Sydney’s most glamorous and bougie women. But while the new season has kicked off, you might be curious about what the “Real Housewives of Sydney” cast members from Season 1 have been up to since their time in the spotlight.

Returning to the spotlight are two unforgettable stars, Krissy Marsh and Nicole O’Neil, who first captured our hearts back in the show’s debut season in 2017. Joining this fabulous duo are five new additions, each of whom are ready to add their unique stories and perspectives to the mix.

Now, let’s catch up with the original cast and see where life has taken them since Season 1.

“Real Housewives of Sydney”: Where are they Now?

Lisa Oldfield

lisa oldfield real housewives of sydney

Lisa Oldfield, known for her controversial role in the first season, has gone through significant changes since the show aired. She separated and later divorced her ex-husband, David Oldfield, a co-founder of the right-wing One Nation political party. After the divorce, Lisa faced financial challenges and struggled to make ends meet.

In 2020, Lisa announced her split from her boyfriend James Law in a rather dramatic fashion, flushing a diamond ring he gave her down the toilet.

“Should have had him #spayed along with the dog,” she wrote in the caption on Instagram.

Lisa also spoke about her time on the show following the announcement of Season 2.

“I naively joined the cast in 2016, despite suffering from a severe neck injury, a miserable marriage and a father (whom I adore) who was very ill,” she wrote at the time. “I tried very hard to pull out of my commitment to the program but was assured the producers would support me.” Instead, she claimed, “They exploited my vulnerability, lied and pitted me against women I did not know (and had deliberately cast knowing full well we had nothing in common).”

Athena X Levendi

In 2021, four years after the show’s debut, Athena X issued a public apology to viewers for her behaviour during the series and deleted her Instagram feed. She acknowledged that playing a strong character on the show wasn’t easy, and she’s working on a new version of herself.

“I feel I owe an apology to the viewers who experienced some form of trauma or personal offence when watching Athena X on RHOS,” she wrote in a statement on her Instagram feed.

“Just so you know it wasn’t easy playing a strong character or digesting the viewers’ perceived impressions for my on-screen reactions or ‘character’.”

Athena has since returned to Instagram, sharing positive messages and updates about her life. She emphasises personal growth and self-love.

Matty Samaei

Matty, the peacemaker of the group during the first season, has continued to focus on her business ventures. She’s a popular cosmetic nurse, running her business, Medispa by Matty, in Double Bay. Matty has also expanded her portfolio with “Forever Young By Matty”, a range of anti-ageing pillows, and hair and body care products.

Melissa Tkautz

Before joining the cast of “Real Housewives of Sydney” Melissa had a successful career in entertainment as a singer, actress, model, and presenter. She starred in “E Street”, “Paradise Beach” and “Housos”, and released a bunch of ARIA chart-topping singles, including “Read My Lips” and “Sexy”.

In 2022, she took on a new challenge by participating in “SAS Australia”. She made it two episodes in before calling it quits. Still, that wasn’t before she was set on fire and submerged in water.

She told New Idea that she went on the show to prove to her kids — Ayla and Cuba – that their mum can do anything.

“I was at a stage, especially after lockdown, where I thought that I needed to shake things up,” she said.

Victoria Rees

Victoria Rees has maintained a relatively low profile since her appearance on the show. In 2017, she reported Lisa Oldfield to the police for cyberbullying her son.

The incident occurred after her son commented on one of Lisa’s Instagram posts and asked that she stop insulting his mother on the show. Lisa then replied “Is your mother monitoring your social media activity? Probably not. She’s probably on her 30th Skinny Bitch.”

Victoria currently lives in Bondi Beach and is involved in various businesses, including Wrinkles Schminkles, Victoria Lime & Soda, and Glam Squad.

As the new season of “The Real Housewives of Sydney” kicks off, it’s interesting to see how the original cast members have navigated life after the show. While some have faced personal challenges and transformations, others have embraced new opportunities and adventures. What’s clear is that their lives continue to be filled with surprises and growth.

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