Lulu “Bang Bang” Is a Fearless Boxer Ready to Take on “The Summit” 2023

lulu the summit 2023
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14 strangers are embarking on an incredible adventure of a lifetime as they scale a magnificent mountain in New Zealand. Carrying a portion of a million-dollar prize on their backs, these trekkers are pushing their limits to conquer this monumental challenge in just 14 days.

The Summit” is an exhilarating new show presented by Channel 9. Now, we’re unveiling the remarkable trekkers who make up the cast of “The Summit” 2023.

“Bang Bang Lulu” Takes on “The Summit”

Lulu is a remarkable woman who’s not afraid to show her true colours. She’s a loving mum, a fierce boxer, and a pocket rocket of energy.

“Call me Bang Bang Lulu in the ring, because I’ll be smiling at you while delivering knockout punches,” she joked.

Being a two-time world champion in boxing, Lulu knows all too well the stereotypes and misconceptions people have about her. Yeah, she might be little, and she might flash you a big smile, but don’t underestimate her — she can whoop some serious butt.

Lulu’s Journey

Lulu isn’t just about throwing punches in the ring. She’s an adrenaline junkie who craves thrilling adventures. And guess what? Tackling the mountain is the perfect combination of her thirst for excitement and her ability to conquer any challenge that comes her way.

“I’m ready for this challenge,” Lulu said. “I want to show my kids what it means to face hardships head-on and come out stronger. This journey will be a powerful example for them to carry in their own lives, teaching them the value of resilience and perseverance.”

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