“Pretty Devastated”: Annikki Reveals “Surprising” Detail About “The Summit” After Being Voted Off

annikki the summit
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The competition is heating up on “The Summit” as we said goodbye to another contestant on Sunday night. A majority vote of seven out of 10 trekkers sealed Annikki‘s fate as the fifth climber to be voted off “The Summit.” But what’s even more intriguing is the surprising detail she revealed about her time on the show that left her utterly floored.

Jans acknowledged Annikki’s undeniable “strength and courage,” but shockingly put her name forward for elimination at the Checkpoint. Why? Well, it seems her slower pace was becoming a stumbling block for the group’s progress

After being voted off the show, Annikki poured out her feelings in an interview with 9Entertainment.

“I’m feeling pretty devastated that I’ve been culled tonight, but I’m also super proud of this journey and this experience that I’ve had so far. It’s only up from here,” she said.

annikki the summit
Channel 9

What Came As a Surprise to Annikki

During her time on “The Summit,” Annikki faced her fair share of challenges, from struggling on the treacherous snow climb to grappling with the demanding rope climb. But there’s one thing that surprised her the most.

“Something that surprised me the most was that I ended up liking heights. I ended up enjoying the thrill of being up at a high place and looking at the bottom,” she said. “That used to be something that scared me.”

While Annikki’s elimination may have caught her off guard, her positive outlook and the unexpected surprises she encountered on her journey have undeniably left an indelible mark.

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