The Most Mesmerising and Golden-Brick Deserving “LEGO Masters” Builds Of All Time


Oh snap! “LEGO Masters: Grand Masters” is back on Channel 9, and that means two things — Hamish Blake bringing his charm back to your TV set and more importantly, amazing mini brick creations. From the cutest Disney scenes to launchable rockets, this season is set to get better and better (or so we hear). But, before we get to see what this season has in store for us, let’s look back at the epic builds that have paved the way in past seasons.

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Keep scrolling for a round up the best “LEGO Masters” creations of all time, whether they’ve been a Golden-Brick recipient or not.

Matt & Lynn’s Dragon Attack – Season 1

Mega City Dragon Attack Best Creations Lego Masters

On the series premiere of “LEGO Masters” Australia, the teams were asked to build a storytelling scene that featured an attack on a city. Matt and Lyn build a Harry Potter-esque dragon scaling the side of a building and wowed judge, Brickman, because of its detail and colour choices.

Kale & Billsy’s Unicorn Tricycle – Season 1


When I first watched Episode 3 of “LEGO Masters” Season 1, I was pretty blown away with Henry and Kade’s robot violin until this mildly terrifying, yet beautiful unicorn tricycle popped onto my screen and took my vote. Kale and Billsy managed to make it using half a children’s bike and reminded viewers of listening to Nyan Cat for hours on end in mid 2010s.

David & G’s Engineered Bridge – Season 1


It may not be as bright and colourful as the other builds but this one is strong AF. Engineers by profession, David and G put their heads together to create a LEGO bridge that withstood 88kg of weight before finally crashing down.

Henry & Cade’s Poseidon – Season 1


It’s easy to see why Henry and Cade’s Poseidon from Season 1 won them the “LEGO Masters” title. The massive scale build is something out of a picture book and even depicting a big wave with the Greek god emerging from it.

Damien & Andrew’s Pirate Air Ship – Season 2


Damien and Andrew had some pretty incredible builds across their Season 2 journey but this one is definitely on of the best. The smallest part of the build bore the most weight and I can only imagine how intricate the structure must be to carry the blimp above it.

Jackson & Alex’s Steampunk Village – Season 2


Jackson and Alex really put their heads together to bring their Steampunk Village to life. The layers of the bricks at different angles sold the idea of a rickety, medieval town to judge, Ryan “Brickman” McNaught and “LEGO Masters” fans. It looks like a scene straight out of “The Nightmare before Christmas”.

Trent & Josh’s Rodeo Cowboy – Season 2


The 3D Art Challenge from Season 2 is up there with the best “LEGO Masters” design prompts of all time. You can’t look past Trent and Josh’s rodeo cowboy build that had a raging bull leaping out from the frame, making it look like a painting. A close contender was Jay and Stani’s Love in New York build (pictured below) that gave the illusion of a street light shining on two people smooching.


Amy & Dawei’s Spring Phoenix – Season 3


In comparison to the other builds of the Season 3, Episode 8, Amy and Dawei’s phoenix and baby bird combo was a colourful competitor. They nailed the “Four Seasons” brief with this depiction of spring.

Ryan & Gabby’s Galaxy Girl – Season 3


The 80’s Arcade Challenge tested a lot of “LEGO Masters” teams. While many opted for apartment smashing type games, Ryan and Gabby created a 3D “Space Invaders” build, entitled Galaxy Girl.

David & Gus’ The Forest – Season 3


One of the most detailed creations seen on “LEGO Masters”, David and Gus’s free-for-all build stood out amongst the rest. I’m still trying to figure out how they made the trees look so lifelike.

Sarah & Po’s Hula-hooping Hippos – Bricksmas


Celebrity chef, Po and LEGO builder, Sarah finished the “LEGO Masters: Bricksmas” Special with a set of festive Hula-hooping Hippos fit for a Christmas display. The adorable build helped them secure the win and take home the trophy.

Caleb & Alex’s Gone Fishin’ – Season 4

This challenge from Season 4 had all of the duos defying gravity. Caleb and Alex rose to the occasion with this out of the box fisherman build.

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Joss & Henry’s Battle Wave – Season 4


The building brothers, Joss and Henry’s Crab V Monster creation help them hold down a Season 4 victory and cement their names in the “LEGO Masters” history. Fans absolutely loved the detail and storytelling that the duo put into this.

Lexi & Rachael’s Thru The Grapevine – Season 4


I personally love a good song turned artwork and this “Heard It Through the Grapevine” inspired creation is another one of my favourites. Its witty and imaginative touches make it look like a scene out of a “Wallace and Gromit” film.

Scott & Owen’s Pirate Ship – Season 5


“LEGO Masters” fans have seen many pirate-inspired builds on the show but I think Scott and Owen’s Season 5 version takes the cake.

Ryan & Gabby’s Rodent Recreation – Season 5


Move over “Ratatouille”, Ryan and Gabby’s Rodent Control scene is making a statement. This cheeky LEGO build was deserving of a Golden Brick for the creativity alone.

Alex and Caleb’s Toy Story Claw – Season 5.


This Disney-inspired build from Alex and Caleb conquered all. You can almost hear the “Toy Story” aliens saying “oooh” in unison as Buzz Lightyear is picked up by the claw. The best thing about this, is that each of the characters is very distinct from the facial expression to the choice of colour.

Kale & Trent’s Hero Coaster – Season 5


Although Brickman wasn’t a fan of this superhero rollercoaster it was definitely an impressive attempt. One of our favourites from early in the season, Kale really brought back his signature style of going big or going home. This should have got the recognition it deserved.

Andrew & Damian’s Typewriter – Season 5


Andrew and Damian continue to wow us this season with their imaginative and technical builds. This typewriter has been a notable one so far.

Scott & Owen’s Functional Fan – Season 5


Scott and Owen managed to fool Sophie Monk with this build of a functional fan and honestly, can you tell the difference?!

Joss & Henry’s Fiery Pinball – Season 5


Hnery and Joss return for another “LEGO Masters” season with plenty of great ideas. Somehow they managed to bring a fiery pinball machine to life and left audiences very impressed.

We’ll be updating this list as we see more creative builds throughout this season.

You can tune into “Lego Masters: Grand Masters” on Channel 9 and 9Now, every Sunday at 7pm and Mondays and Tuesdays at 7:30pm.

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