Which “Love Triangle” Couples Are Still Together?

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Love Triangle” has become the buzzworthy show, especially now that Season 2 has wrapped up on Stan. In a twist of fate, this reality spectacle hinges on connections that are formed sight unseen. Then, as if that wasn’t enough drama, couples move in together and add a third person into the mix.

If you’re wondering what sets “Love Triangle” apart, picture “Married At First Sight” and “Love Is Blind” mashed up into one epic love extravaganza. The latest season brought us all kinds of chaos, with jaw-dropping twists that kept us hooked. But did any of these star-crossed lovers actually find true love?

Stay tuned as we dive into the juicy details and reveal which “Love Triangle” couples from both seasons managed to defy the odds and are still together.

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Which “Love Triangle” Couples Are Still Together?

“Love Triangle” Season Two Couples

Sam, Emily and Sophie


Sam’s “Love Triangle” involving Emily and Sophie was a rollercoaster of twists and turns. Although Sam was initially unimpressed with Emily, their connection did take a flirty turn for a brief moment, before fizzling out once again. Little did everyone know, Sam had a secret girlfriend all along — the mysterious Hannah.

The show’s finale brought the truth to light as producers confronted Sam with recorded secret phone calls. The revelation unfolded that Sam had been in constant contact with Hannah throughout the six-week experience, yet he continued to deny it, saying she was just his “cat-sitter”.

And where is Sam now? Unsurprisingly, he ended up with Hannah, who, notably, is more than just a ‘cat lady’. Post-experience, Sam jetted off to Dubai to meet Hannah for the first time.

Alan, Jess and Caity


So, Alan, the guy all about finding sparks, didn’t really hit it off with his matches on the show. But guess what? He found that spark with someone outside his “love triangle”Love Triangle” drama.

In the final episode, he met up with Sophie, hoping to keep things going beyond the TV madness. And guess what? Sophie was on board. After the show wrapped, they went for drinks and ended up sharing a hotel room.

They actually gave it a shot for a few weeks until Sophie eventually called it quits.

Jacinta and Nemo


Jacinta and Nemo’s relationship was a real rollercoaster. They kicked things off at full speed and were the only ones dropping the ‘L’ word during the season. But when Sheree — Jacinta’s rejected match — entered the picture, things got seriously rocky.

As their “Love Triangle” adventure wrapped up, Nemo wasn’t looking to continue things with Jacinta. It was a tough pill for Jacinta to swallow, as she’d just admitted she loved Nemo. However, she also recognised that Nemo’s love for her wasn’t enough, and that she deserved more from a partner.

Nellie and Dan


Nellie and Dan’s journey has been a winding road, to say the least. Things started off a bit rocky with Dan initially seeing Nellie only as a friend. However, when the new match arrived, Dan had a change of heart, realising he might have been too quick to judge.

A twist in the tale occurred when Dan’s new match abruptly left the show, finding the situation too overwhelming. In that challenging moment, Dan stepped up, providing much-needed comfort and support to Nellie.

Post-finale, Nellie and Dan’s connection is still flourishing, and they’re now talking on the phone almost every day!

Sulei, Lili and Lisa


They were the sole triangle that stuck it out in the experience, and let’s face it, they were also the most drama-free trio of the bunch.

Sulei navigated distinct dynamics with both ladies. Even though he initially picked Lisa, concerns about a lack of spark lingered.

In the final episode, Sulei chose Lili. While they’re still spending time together and keeping in touch over the phone, their relationship hasn’t advanced beyond the bounds of friendship just yet.

Tamera and Sam


When Tamera joined the “Love Triangle” experience, she was eager to be “swept off her feet”.

Her journey began on a shaky note with the first match, Sam. After Sam’s departure, Tamera found herself gradually opening up to the second match, Jackson.

By the series’ end, they had evolved into friends, with Tamera even mentioning a future tennis game with Jackson.

“Love Triangle” Season One Couples

Alex and Madison

love triangle couples alex madison

Alex and Madison’s love story was nothing short of electric. Alex had that “lightning bolt moment” upon meeting Madison, but it wasn’t all smooth sailing. Alex couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow when he met Bec, his other match, and noticed Madison’s “jealous”, “possessive”, and “less honest” side. But love can be wild, and in the end, they decided their connection was too hot to let go.

Fast forward to today, and guess what? Alex and Madison are still going strong! In May, they celebrated their one-year anniversary with a heartwarming Instagram post from Alex.

“One year since I met this absolute stunner! Cannot believe how quickly the time as gone and yet somehow feels like I’ve known you longer. You’re incredible and I feel so lucky to have you in my life. Love you beautiful! Happy anniversary ❤️,” Alex wrote on Instagram.

Lisa and Patrick

love triangle couples lisa patrick

Lisa and Patrick were the passionate duo that had us glued to our screens. Despite not being Lisa’s usual type, their chemistry was undeniable. Things got complicated when Matt, who checked all of Lisa’s boxes, showed up, causing Patrick to throw a fit.

By the end of the series, Lisa and Patrick were back on, but unfortunately, their love didn’t stand the test of time. Lisa took to Instagram to confirm that she and Patrick had called it quits.

“Just over a month of dating Patrick exclusively in the real world, I decided to end it,” she revealed. “It wasn’t under the best circumstances, but I knew in my heart what I am worth and I’m not going to settle for anything less!”

Almost a year later, Lisa has found her match. She introduced her new beau on Instagram in March 2023, joking that he may not have had blonde hair, but he’s got those blue eyes she’s been looking for.

Kyle and Leesh

love triangle couples kyle leesh

Kyle and Leesh were the couple that made us believe love could conquer all. Even when Kyle’s second match, Elena, entered the scene, they stood strong. But there was one challenge they couldn’t overcome — distance.

With Kyle and Leesh in different states, it was either end the romance or give long-distance love a shot. They chose the latter, with Kyle saying he’d “give it a crack”. But alas, the miles between them proved too much to handle.

Leesh took to Instagram to break the news that she and Kyle were no longer an item.

“Despite commitments to make our relationship work through the physical distance, our relationship was unrequited,” Leesh wrote. “Whilst I was committed to putting the effort into making the long distance relationship work, I can’t help the fact that Kyle’s feelings changed.”

The first two episodes of the Stan Original Series “Love Triangle” Season 2 will premiere October 5, followed by a brand new episode every Thursday, only on Stan.

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