Who Will Take Home the Title on The “LEGO Masters” Grand Finale?

Hamish Blake in a Heist Costume picking up a LEGO minifig - When is Lego Masters Finale 2023

It’s been an exciting season of “LEGO Masters: Grand Masters” so far, and with the finale approaching, we’re all keen to see which team will take home the title and a prize of $100,000.

The builds this season have been next level and each of the return contestants has brought their A-game to show off their incredible skill sets. Already, viewers have seen a cute coffee machine robot, a cliff-hanging ice queen castle and a perfect depiction of the Toy Story claw machine. And now we’re left to ask the question — how can it possibly get even better?

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A sneak peek released by 9 shows “LEGO Masters” Finals Week set to be an epic showdown with the remaining four teams. Audiences can expect a team trip to Luna Park for the show’s ‘biggest builds ever’. And buckle up for Hamish Blake in all his glory, dressed as a rainbow butterfly.

Want to find out which team will take home the title of “Grand Masters”? We’ve got the details about when to tune into the “LEGO Masters” 2023 Finale.

When Is the LEGO Masters 2023 Finale?

Clear your schedules because finals week is a few days away. Tune into the semi-finals challenge at Luna Park on Sunday, May 7 at 7pm. And to close out the season, the contestants will return to “LEGO Masters” HQ for the grand finale, airing on Monday, May 8 at 7:30pm.

Consider your evening plans sorted for the start of the week, and catch all the action on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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