Olivia Finally Owns Up to Her Actions and Expresses Regret During the MAFS Reunion

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The Married At First Sight reunion has finished airing and boy, is there a lot to talk about. Not only did Carolina and Daniel get absolutely pummelled by expert John Aiken over their affair, but possibly the biggest scandal to come out of the show came to a close. 

Olivia Frazer has been copping quite a bit of flack recently after she circulated an explicit photo of Domenica without her consent. It was messy and viewers wanted her to face legal consequences for her actions. 

Petitions were made in the hopes that she would lose her job, and speaking to Mamamia’s No Filter podcast recently, Olivia said people have been calling her mobile phone to unleash their anger. 

It hasn’t been pretty, and most people are firmly on Domenica’s side. 

Till today, Olivia had yet to apologise to Domenica, and at one point, she even admitted to having no empathy. But, in tonight’s episode, things changed after the entire conflict was neatly packed into a montage and shown to all of the participants. 

The footage really gave people an idea of just how bad her behaviour was towards Dom. From the slut-shaming to the false accusations of waving a broken glass in her face, Olivia has caused quite a bit of grief throughout her time on the show.

After the video was shown, Olivia said to Dom that the two of them are quite similar, especially when it comes to being smug, but Domenica was just not having it.

“No, I don’t think we’re similar at all. Please don’t compare me to you because I would never do what you did to me to any other woman or to any other human being,” said Dom. “Just, for instance, someone goes and sources a story or a photo and uses that as ammunition. Seriously, I don’t even have anything to say because the video spoke for itself.”

Aiken then asked Olivia whether she had any regrets, to which she broke down and said, “Of course I do.”

“I don’t like speaking to people how I’ve spoken to Domenica.”

Dom also expressed remorse for her actions at the retreat, where she broke a wine glass after a heated confrontation with Olivia. 

Hopefully, that’s the end of a very messy chapter.

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