“We Were All Over Each Other”: Ziara and Izaya Reveal What We Didn’t See on “FBoy Island”

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“FBoy Island Australia” has come to an end, and we have two happy couples to show for it! One of those couples is, of course, Ziara and Izaya, whose connection blossomed over the course of the season. Speaking to POPSUGAR Australia, the loved-up duo chatted about watching their romance back, and what we didn’t get to see.

“We’ve watched most of it back together,” Ziara said, noting that “it’s very cute to see [their] moments” again.

“I mean, it’s very rare that you get to see [yourself] meet your boyfriend again for the first time and have awkward dates and awkward moments,” she explained.

As they’ve watched it back, Ziara said that it’s only strengthened their relationship.

“I think we definitely fell in love all over again,” she gushed.

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Ziara and Izaya Couldn’t Stay Away From One Another

Ziara’s and Izaya’s connection was apparent early in the season on “FBoy Island Australia”, but while chatting to us, Ziara said that there was actually a lot we didn’t get to see. Specifically? They made out a lot. Like, a lot a lot. And who can blame them?!

“I think every mixer I got there and I said to my producer ‘let me know when there’s 10 minutes to go’, and we’d go sneak off and kiss,” Ziara said.

At the same time, Ziara said she understood why they chose not to air all of their steamy make out sessions.

“I think if they had shown all of our moments, it would have just been way too obvious that I was not connecting with anybody else,” she said. “We were all over each other all the time.”

Izaya added that it was “kind of hard” to resist the temptation to sneak off constantly while filming.

“I just needed to see her and everything,” he added.

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Ziara and Izaya Share Their Advice for Future “FBoy Island Australia” Contestants

If Ziara and Izaya’s love story has you curious about applying for the show in the future, you’re not alone. With two of the three women finding love on the show’s first season, it’s off to a good start!

We wanted to know what advice they’d give for anyone who wanted to apply for “FBoy Island Australia” Season 2 (assuming BINGE brings it back next year).

“Come with some confidence,” Izaya said. “Be yourself. Don’t pretend to be someone that you’re not.”

He continued: “Just watch how you portray yourself because you know, the whole of Australia’s watching this. So if you act like an idiot, you’re gonna be looked upon as an idiot.”

Wise words!

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