“I Saw Him With His Top Off”: Sophie Spills on Why She Pursued Joshy After “FBoy” Reveal

Sophie and Joshy FBOY Island Australia

When Sophie made the decision to pursue a relationship with Joshy on “FBoy Island Australia”, she knew what she was getting into. Before the big finale, all the boys left in the villa had to reveal whether they were an “FBoy” or a “Nice Guy”.

In a twist that shocked everyone — including SophieJoshy revealed that he was, indeed, an “FBoy”. So why did Sophie still pursue a relationship with him? We spoke to Sophie and Joshy to get the scoop.

Why Sophie Chose “FBoy” Joshy

“I saw him with his top off and that was it. No, I’m joking,” Sophie told POPSUGAR Australia, laughing.

What actually happened, Sophie said, was that whenever Sophie and Joshy spoke, she felt like he was being honest, direct, and without malicious intent.

“I felt like whenever I spoke to Joshy — they didn’t air this — but I said to him one day, ‘You look me in the eye every time you answer a question and it’s with a click of the fingers,” Sophie recalled. “Like he doesn’t need any time to calculate his response. He doesn’t need to throw other people under the bus.”

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Sophie went on to say that throughout their time on the show together, she felt like they “weren’t even on a TV show which had half ‘FBoys’, half ‘Nice Guys'”.

“It was literally just us,” she said of their connection. It was this bond that made her take the leap and pursue a romance with Joshy, even after he revealed himself to be an “FBoy”.

“[It] made me sort of go, ‘I think he’s telling me the truth regardless of what he came on here’,” Sophie explained.

“I don’t know if I’m allowed to say this, but after the status reveal, I think both of us were really distraught,” she added.

When the pair saw each other after the big reveal, Sophie said they took time to “sort of calm each other down and talk about it”. Again, Sophie felt that Joshy was being genuine, regardless of what brought him on the show in the first place.

“I think his emotions showed he genuinely is a good guy, a good person,” she said.

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Joshy Went into “FBoy Island” With No Expectations

One of the main rules of “FBoy Island” was that if an “FBoy” made it to the end, he’d get to keep the $50,000 prize money for himself. But when Sophie chose Joshy, he did the “Nice Guy” thing, and chose to split the money with her anyway.

Joshy told POPSUGAR Australia that despite his “FBoy” status, the money wasn’t actually a huge draw for him.

“When I was actually coming onto the show, I wasn’t really thinking I was gonna come for money,” he said. “I was just like, ‘I don’t know what to expect’.”

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Having been single for awhile before the show, he was open to anything, and was primarily there for the experience and to “have a bit of fun”.

“So that’s the thing, I never actually thought about at all,” he said of the prize.

While Sophie and Joshy’s romance may be on pause (at least for now), the pair remain on good terms, and with $25,000 in each of their bank accounts, to boot. As they say, all’s well that ends well!

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