Molly “Begged and Pleaded” Producers to Let Nick Return to “FBOY Island Australia”

Molly and Nick FBOY Island Australia

It’s the grand finale of “FBoy Island Australia“, and what a ride it’s been. There have been twists, turns, and shocking reveals along the way, but in the end, two of our leading ladies, Ziara and Molly, found love, and while Sophie and Joshy aren’t currently together, love isn’t off the cards in the future. Molly’s journey to love on “FBoy Island Australia” wasn’t always smooth sailing though. In fact, she even sent her now-partner Nick home early in the season! Speaking to POPSUGAR Australia, Molly and Nick reflected on the bump in their road to love.

Why Molly Sent Nick Home on “FBoy Island Australia”

In case you missed it, Molly send Nick home early in the season after he made a “bros before hoes” comment. This was an “FBoy” red flag for Molly, so she eliminated him… only to find out that he was, in fact, a “Nice Guy”.

“Obviously I couldn’t see all the things that he was saying behind camera,” Molly said of her decision at the time. “I had no idea what he was saying about me. I thought I was making the right decision — turns out I didn’t.”

After it was revealed that Nick was actually a “Nice Guy”, Molly said that she “begged and pleaded” the producers of the show to “let him come back”.

“Thankfully, the producers agreed,” Molly continued, “because I was a bit worried that I didn’t have anybody to pursue on the island.”

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Molly Doesn’t Regret Her Decision

Molly went on to say that while she regretted sending him home after the fact, she also felt like it was a necessary step in their journey to love.

“I think I needed that,” Molly explained. “I think I needed to know that he was a nice guy in order to put my walls down a little bit. So it worked out in the end. I had my time again.

“I’m glad that I had him back and I knew that he was a nice guy,” she continued. “It made it a lot easier for me, 100%.”

Nick “Couldn’t Understand” Why He’d Been Eliminated

Nick told POPSUGAR Australia that he was so blindsided by his elimination, he expected to be brought back.

“I couldn’t understand why [she eliminated me],” Nick recalled. “We had such a perfect date and I had so much fun with Molly that day. When I got to the night time, I was thinking ‘there’s no way that I’m even anywhere near the chopping block — there’s other guys that she hasn’t even talked to yet’.”

Nick stressed that his “bros before hoes” comment was intended “in a joking manner”, and didn’t think it would be taken seriously.

“I didn’t think that it would lead to my demise,” Nick said. “[It was] a big shock to me. I think it was a shock to all the boys, too.”

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Nick Returned to the Competition “Determined” to Prove Himself

When Molly (and the “FBoy Island Australia” producers) brought Nick back, he returned to the competition “definitely way more determined” to prove himself.

“But at the same time, it was nice to know that she regretted her decision as well,” he said, “and that she wanted to potentially pursue something with me.”

He added: “The fact that she was able to admit that she was wrong and brought me back definitely made me more determined, too.”

With the couple still happy and together, all’s well that ends well for Molly and Nick!

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