Ziara and Izaya on Love, the Prize Money, and What’s Next for the “FBoy Island” Couple

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FBoy Island Australia” has been an absolute whirlwind, and we couldn’t get enough! But all good things must come to an end, and thankfully, we have two happy couples to show for it. Ziara and Izaya are one of those loved-up couples, and speaking to POPSUGAR Australia, the duo gave us the scoop on their relationship now, what they’re looking forward to, and of course, how they’re planning to spend the prize money.

On Doing Long Distance

Since filming of “FBoy Island Australia” wrapped, Ziara and Izaya have had two main obstacles to overcome in their relationship. The first is that had to keep their relationship under wraps, so that they didn’t spoil the outcome of the series. The second is the fact that they’re currently in a long distance relationship.

“It was pretty tricky at the start and obviously when you’re in a relationship you kind of want to be around them all the time,” Ziara said. “So it’s a bit tricky doing long distance, but we’ve made it work.”

One of the ways the couple has maintained their connection is by watching the show back together.

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“We’ve watched most of it back together,” Ziara said, noting that “it’s very cute to see [their] moments” again.

“I mean, it’s very rare that you get to see [yourself] meet your boyfriend again for the first time and have awkward, awkward dates and awkward moments,” she explained.

As they’ve watched it back, Ziara said that it’s only strengthened their relationship.

“I think we definitely fell in love all over again,” she gushed.

The Road to Romance

With so many “FBoys” and “Nice Guys” to compete with, you might think that Izaya would’ve gone into the show with a game plan — a way to separate himself from the pack, to convince Ziara that his intentions were pure.

As it turns out, that wasn’t the case at all.

“I honestly had no game plan going in,” he said. “Now, watching it back, I don’t even know why I was there to be honest.”

“Me!” Ziara interjected, laughing.

Izaya went on to explain that with “all the big egos and personalities” in the villa, he initially felt a bit out of place on “FBoy Island Australia”.

“I was like, ‘I’m not really like that type of person’,” he recalled. “I kind of keep myself inside.”

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Once Ziara and Izaya got some time alone, though, it all began to click into place.

“Getting my time with her one-on-one and not treating it like I wanna win her over,” Izaya explained, “just getting to know her and her past and everything was just my way of kind of trying to stand out”.

He added: “I felt like, you know, being myself and not trying to be anyone who I wasn’t was real big for me.”

Clearly, it worked, because Ziara saw his authenticity early on, and said that she didn’t ever question whether he might be an “FBoy”.

“I think he was too quiet and kind of reserved to be an ‘FBoy’,” she said, adding: “I think all the ‘FBoys’ almost walked around with ‘FBoy’ on their forehead. They really wanted to be seen and things like that.”

In fact, it was Izaya’s more lowkey approach that attracted Ziara in the first place.

“It was really refreshing to have someone like Izaya [around],” she said. “I really didn’t question whether he was an ‘FBoy’ or not.”

What’s Next for “FBoy Island’s” Ziara and Izaya

Ziara found love with “Nice Guy” Izaya, which means, of course, that they get to split the $50,000 prize. Obviously, we wanted to know what the couple had planned for the cash.

After months of long distance and having to keep their relationship status a secret, the couple are planning to head “over to Bali for a month” and enjoy some quality time together, they revealed.

As for what the future holds, Ziara said that they “both wanna kind of take [their] social media more seriously”.

But at the moment, they don’t have any big plans locked in, and are happy to “just kind of see what happens” from here.

“I think that in the end, that was the beauty of what we found together, was that we can grow together and we both have no idea what we’re gonna do because we’re young,” Ziara added. “But I think that that’s nice and we’re just taking it day by day, seeing what opportunities come to us.”

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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