We Found All the “MasterChef Australia” 2023 Contestants on Instagram

MasterChef Australia 2023 Contestant iNstagrams
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Since publishing this story, Network Ten has announced the death of MasterChef Australia judge, Jock Zonfrillo on April 30, 2023. MasterChef Australia Secrets and Surprises will now premiere on Sunday, May 7, with the full support of Zonfrillo’s family.

“MasterChef Australia: Secrets and Surprises” is just around the corner and 18 talented home cooks will be making their way to Royal Melbourne Showgrounds for the competition. With all the new faces to get acquainted with, it’s time for a classic Instagram deep dive. There’s no need to call your friend with the FBI-level lurking skills, we’ve got you covered with all the contestant handles ahead.

Network 10 has brought back beloved judges Jock ZonfrilloAndy Allen, and Melissa Leong to critique the contestants’ food and push them to their fullest potential.

Over time, the reality series has gained popularity globally for its wholesome contestant stories and of course, culinary creations that you want to eat right off the screen. And although we’re not privy to what’s in store on “MasterChef Australia: Secrets and Surprises” just yet, the show’s good vibes are sure to continue.

If you’re looking for an early dose of the show’s energy or just feeling a bit nosy, here’s where you can follow the “MasterChef Australia” 2023 contestants on Instagram.

MasterChef Australia 2023 Contestant Instagram Accounts

Adi Nevgi, 31, VIC | @adi_nevgi

Alice Han, 29, NSW | @alicesqhan

Amy Tanner, 26, VIC | @speeedysmom

Andrea Puglisi, 36, WA | @andreapuglisi_it

Antonio Cruz Vaamonde, 34, NSW | @acruzvaamonde

Brent Draper, 32, QLD | @brentdraper_

Cath Collins, 54, VIC | @cathskitchen_au

Declan Cleary, 24, NSW | @declancleary

Grace Jupp, 24, VIC | @gracejupp

Jessica Perri, 35, VIC | @jessica.perri_

Larissa Sewell, 38, SA | @feastwithlarissa

Malissa Fedele, 28, SA | @malissafedele

Phil Conway, 33, VIC | @philconway_

Ralph Kahango, 32, WA | @ralphkahango

Rhiannon Anderson, 46, QLD | @rhiplenish

Robbie Cooper, 65, NT | @unclerobbiecooks

Rue Mupedzi, 29, WA | @Ruetendom

Theo Loizou, 37, VIC | @theegram

Tune into the premiere of “MasterChef Australia: Secrets and Surprise” on Monday, May 1 at 7:30pm, only on 10 and 10Play on Demand.

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