“MasterChef Australia”: Pressure Test Gets Elevated with Chef Nelly Robinson’s Inventive Dish

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It’s another week of “MasterChef Australia,” and you know what that means? More guest judges! And tonight, it’s none other than chef Nelly Robinson, from Sydney’s renowned restaurant Nel. He has curated a challenging pressure test for the contestants, inspired by the beloved children’s tale Peter Rabbit.

The dish, titled “Mister McGregor’s Garden”, draws its inspiration from Peter Rabbit’s mischievous adventures of stealing carrots from the garden.

So, Who Is Nelly Robinson?

Nelly Robinson is known for infusing his cuisine with a warm and personable touch. He’s all about creating dining experiences that make you feel right at home while indulging in sophisticated yet approachable food.

His culinary journey began at the pinnacle of the food industry when he apprenticed at the prestigious Michelin-starred restaurant, Northcote Manor in the UK, all the way back when he was just 15 years old. Imagine learning from culinary masters like Nigel Haworth, Warrick Dodds (NICO), Mark Birchill (L’Enclume), and Lisa Allen. Talk about an impressive start! Nelly was among the trailblazers who completed an apprenticeship at Northcote before making his mark as the Head Chef at Stanley House in the UK at the tender age of 22.

But Nelly’s hunger for culinary knowledge didn’t stop there. He travelled far and wide, refining his skills and broadening his repertoire through experiences in Sweden, Hong Kong, and different parts of the UK. And in February 2015, at 29, Nelly fulfilled his dream by opening Nel in Sydney. This highly acclaimed restaurant features the finest international cuisines, meticulously crafted to create a feast that delights all your senses.

Nelly’s passion and talent have not gone unnoticed. He has received prestigious accolades, including being named People’s Choice Restaurant of the Year 2016 by Dimmi and winning Time Out Sydney’s People’s Choice Award in August 2015.

Why Is Nel So Popular?

Tucked away in an underground bunker along Wentworth Avenue, Nel exudes a subtle yet captivating charm. The space boasts exposed brickwork and an open kitchen, creating a cosy and intimate atmosphere. It’s a place where you can escape from the ordinary and indulge in a unique dining experience.

Let’s not forget the food! Chef Nelly’s culinary creations demonstrate a mastery of combining different textures to create a harmonious whole. Every dish is a surprise with unexpected elements, whether it’s a delightful crunch or a burst of unexpected citrus zest.

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